William Smith Resigning from Board of Trustees

Edwin E. Akins, Chairman of Trustees, announced that William R. (Bobby) Smith, member, former clerk, and now Deacon Emeritus of the Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church, has recently resigned from the Board of Trustees of Bethany after serving a total of 58 years.  Bro. Bobby joined the Board of Trustees of Bethany in 1960 and has served in many capacities, including Chairman, a position that he held for over four decades.  During this time, he has seen Bethany grow from the humble beginning of Faith Cottage Bethany Home for Ladies (founded 1923), the addition of Bethany Home for Men in 1951, and the addition of Bethany Assisted Living of Vidalia in 1999.

Given the highly regulated skilled nursing home industry and the desire of the Board of Trustees to ensure that the quality of the healthcare being provided at the long term care facilities remains at the highest level possible, in 2013, the Board of Trustees affiliated with PruittHealth, a Southeast regional leader in long-term health care, sold the long term care facilities and the assisted living facility in Vidalia and Millen to PruittHealth, with a vision to design and construct a state of the art assisted living and memory care facility in Statesboro.  The founding of The Lodge at Bethany, the first Assisted Living Community in Statesboro, Bulloch County, Georgia, was a life-long vision and dream of Bro. Bobby, and he has certainly been the steady and calm force to bring this to fruition.

Even though his love of education resulted in the Education Building in Vidalia being named in his honor, it was the desire of the Board of Trustees to honor his 58 years of untiring service to the organizations of Bethany.  To honor his dedicated service to Bethany and the Board, the Board of Trustees conferred the title of “Trustee Emeritus” to Bro. Bobby, and on October 18, 2018, a Live Oak Tree was planted on the front lawn of The Lodge at Bethany as a symbol of hope and prayer for those whom Bethany serves.

Bro. Bobby thanked the Board of Trustees for the opportunity to be a part of the long and honorable history of Bethany, and pledged his continued support and love for the organization. “Today, the Lodge at Bethany is here to serve, and I pledge to continue in that service in my role as Trustee Emeritus.  Bethany has always been a part of my life and always will be.”

The first stated belief of Bethany is that “We are called to serve” based on Mark 12:30-31.  Bro. Bobby Smith was given to us to serve.  He has completed 58 years of service to others.  The Lodge at Bethany is the result of dedicated service by him and other individuals through the years that believed and acted on the “call to serve.”

If you are interested in more information about The Lodge at Bethany, please call 912.764.7960 or email us at info@bethanyway.org.

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