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Dementia Care in Assisted Living Homes

Learn how memory care for people with dementia is different from regular assisted living for the elderly. By Elaine K. Howley, Contributor Aug. 21, 2019 This article is based on reporting that features expert sources including Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh; Douglas Scharre, MD; Andrew Shea ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE AND dementia are becoming an increasingly big part of the health care conversation in America as […] Read More

5 Signs It’s Time for Memory Care

YOUR AGING MOM WHO’S living with dementia has always been conscientious about opening her mail and paying her bills. You and other family members check on her regularly to see she’s OK. Yet over time, relatives notice she’s letting her mail accumulate unopened and forgetting to pay her bills. These are potential signs that someone who’s living […] Read More

To sort, or not to sort? British pharmacists answer an important pill box question

In an odd twist of logic, seniors risk falls, sickness and even hospitalization when they switch to using a pill organizer, McKnight’s has reported. Now, the British pharmacists who discovered the problem have released a guide on who should and shouldn’t use these handy sorters. Residents who are already using a pill sorter with no problems should […] Read More

Urinary Tract Infection or Dementia: Which One Do I Have?

This article is based on reporting that features expert sources including Halima Amjad, MD, MPH; Ruth Drew, MS, LPC; Amy Goyer URINARY TRACT infections are an all-too-common, painful nuisance or worse for younger adults, particularly women. Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily outgrow UTIs in older age. For instance, more than 16% of women older than 65 reported having had a […] Read More

When to Move From Independent Living to Assisted Living

This article is based on reporting that features expert sources including Susann Varano, MD; Roxanne Sorensen; Tanya Gure, MD AGING IS MORE ART THAN science. Each person ages at a different rate and may face varying health challenges as the years march on. Because of this, navigating health care decisions later in life isn’t always a straightforward proposition. One […] Read More

Who is a Good Candidate for Assisted Living?

Assisted living falls somewhere between an independent living community and a skilled nursing facility in terms of the level of care provided. If the person in your care is beginning to need help with the basic activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, walking, managing medications, toileting, and eating) — or expects to need that help down the line […] Read More

What Not to Say to Your Aging Loved One

Aging can bring happiness, but it’s also rife with tough-to-swallow changes. For many, an aging body and mind means dwindling independence and can feel like a loss of control over important areas of life. It can be hard for worried family members to know what to say in these challenging situations. Luckily for adult children […] Read More

Recognize the Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout

1. A Short Fuse Losing your temper easily or feeling angry toward friends, family members or even the person you’re caring for is one obvious sign of caregiver stress. Frustration may particularly increase when obstacles or challenges come up, whether major or minor. 2. Emotional Outbursts If you find yourself crying or feeling despair unexpectedly […] Read More

A Guide to Financial Power of Attorney

Chances are, you wonder what will happen if your aging parent loses their ability to make health or financial decisions. How can you or others in your friend and family circle help them in that situation, or know what to do? These questions are all part of an ongoing conversation you may already be having […] Read More

The ABCs (and Ds) of Medicare

The first thing that’s important for anyone enrolling in Medicare to understand is that Medicare actually actually refers to four different programs: Part A, B, C and D. Part A coverage is free for qualifying seniors and pays for inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing care, hospice care and some home health care. Seniors may also […] Read More

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