Accommodations and Suite Details

Our private memory care suites are specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of memory loss.  Our attention to colors, furnishings, and accessories provides a sense of calm and tranquility in each suite.  Trained staff utilize best practices of care and recognize that each Resident is a unique individual with needs, preferences, and abilities despite his or her cognitive impairments.  We offer therapeutic activities appropriate to each Resident’s needs and adapt activities as necessary to encourage participating while providing a safe, secure, and structured living environment.

Two open floor plans, specifically designed for memory care, offer lodging in an environment that is based on the Resident’s needs, and includes distinct staff training and management, family member education and support, and quality monitoring and improvement.






The provision of memory care services for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, feature individualized life enrichment programming, raising the bar in senior living care, and enhancing the quality of life for those who suffer from memory related illnesses, by whatever diagnosis.

Caregiving and Programming

The holistic approach at The Lodge at Bethany is intended to meet the needs of the individual Resident and will be innovative with new software and devices serving a threefold purpose: connect Residents with family and friends, stimulate and engage Residents, and maximize their physical and cognitive abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the distinction between the Traditional Assisted Living units and the Memory Care Units offered by The Lodge?

Individuals that are challenged by memory impairment or any form of dementia, whether it is diagnosed as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or undiagnosed at all, can continue to live an engaging, meaningful, and grace-filled life.  The Lodge at Bethany Memory Care is intended to offer an innovative approach to memory care by the provision of a safe and secure environment, while encouraging Residents to be physically, mentally, and spiritually active and participate in decisions in their daily lives to the degree possible.

2. What qualifications does the staff at The Lodge at Bethany possess to assist individuals in memory care?

Our caring staff receives extensive, specialized training in dementia care, including an orientation program and mandatory training as well as additional training thereafter.  Although this specialized training is required by the State of Georgia whenever an ALC operates a memory care area within the Community, there is mandatory additional training required of our staff in an effort to focus on the Resident’s individual strengths, celebrate their successes, and assist them in living an extraordinary life, despite the challenges of memory impairment.

3. Is there someone available to take my loved one to an appointment if I am unable?

The Lodge at Bethany has a Transportation Policy that outlines the details of the transportation needs that a Resident and/or their Responsible Party might have in the transportation of the individual to Physician appointments, or other personal appointments.  Various social and other Community events that are “sponsored” by The Lodge for the enjoyment of all of the Residents that may want to attend off campus events will be part of the amenities offered in the social activities programming included within the services provided.

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